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hey followers, i wanted to reblog this post and take a moment of your time/dashboard to ask you to check out the a ghost story patreon. 

as a trial starting this friday, i will be spending september and the month of october working on and living off of a ghost story entirely as an experiment to see if i can live off of patreon alone. it IS feasible to at least pay my rent but i still have to worry about food and insurance etc. at the moment and if things dont work out we will have to go back to once a week updates while i get a part time job. obviously i would love to avoid this at all costs because i love working on a ghost story so dang much.

that’s where you come in! if you have some spare income after youve taken good care of yourself and you enjoy reading a ghost story, why not contribute to the a ghost story patreon? there are many rewards for different donation amounts and after i am free of distractions here at home, hope to start using patreon to upload side comics and sketches of upcoming characters and rewards! 

but bea, you update twice a week every week! that’s like 8 donations a month!

sure is, but here’s a cool thing about patreon! you can put a cap on the amount you donate per month! so you only want to donate a dollar a month? you can do that! you’ll still get all the benefits and rewards of that tier as long as you keep that donation going.

bea why dont you get paid by the month instead of by the page?

because i feel like, especially during months like this where i had to take a hiatus to get my ducks in a row,  i dont deserve to get paid for a whole month when i didnt deliver a full month of comics. i think its fair for everyone that i only get paid for the actual work i do. that appeals to my sense of self loathing.

bea get a real job


thank you for reading ;;;;



poetry in motion

i think this is the most popular post i’ve ever made and it really deserves it



poetry in motion

i think this is the most popular post i’ve ever made and it really deserves it


Not enough people have seen this cinematic masterpiece

Today in Solidarity: DC turns up and turns out again in support of #JusticeforMikeBrown


if you ever try to befriend me and you expect to be in frequent contact with me i am so sorry. i do that with maybe two people and even then i often go days or weeks withouts saying anything before talking daily for a while. 

the point is if we dont talk that doesnt mean i dont like u and think about u a lot im just terrible at maintaining close relationships